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Netflix | Jan 23, 2018
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Are you ready for another superhero to hit the television scene?

Black Lightning is joining the the CW family of superheroes on January 16, 2018!

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Jefferson Pierce used to be a superhero. At his prime, he was Black Lightning, a strong individual that is capable of manipulating and generating electricity. It was difficult to risk his life, especially since he has a family. His family couldn’t see Pierce return home every night with grave wounds. He realized the negative consequences that comes with being a superhero. Pierce decided to stop being Black Lightning.

The world needs superheroes. The world needs Black Lightning.

Pierce became the principal of the Garfield High School when he stopped his heroic streak. Sadly, his retirement did not last. As soon as the crooks, gangs, and criminals realized that Black Lightning was gone, they got busy. They became more aggressive, more active. Deciding that the life of the innocents are his top priority, Pierce revives his superhero persona to fight crime once more. This time, he is not alone. His daughters, Anissa and Jennifer, have also manifested signs of power. And if anyone messes with the Pierces, they mess with the whole family.

The series will focus on the daily life of Jefferson Pierce as he returns to his superhero days. The series will follow how he will balance being a superhero and being a good father and family man. It will also touch on how the superhero life affects his family. Will Pierce’s family understand why he has decided to return as Black Lightning or will they be against his decision?

Black Lightning’s world exists in the Arrowverse. This is, simply put, the universe where CW’s the Green Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, and the Legends of Tomorrow all exist.This means that crossovers, superhero and supervillain team-ups are likely to happen.

Will the Black Lightning be a great addition to CW’s already huge roster of superheroes? Find out when Black Lightning premieres on January 23!


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