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Cinemas Nationwide | Aug 10 - Aug 24, 2018
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Erik Matti will once again ‘wow’ the audience with his newest film Buy Bust starring Anne Curtis this February 2018.

Buy Bust Movie Synopsis

A buy-bust operation was conducted by Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in a dangerous place in Manila. They are trying to catch the people behind the Shabu Laboratory there. As the operation going, most of locals there who apparently are innocent, protest to the PDEA officers because they always got involved in the killings of operation. The locals want them to be gone in their area so they will be in peace. When the they got angry, they are now the ones who try to kill the PDEA officers. The PDEA officers try to get hide from them and to get out in that place. The locals want them to surrender and ask them how they feel now that they are now the ones who are being hunted down.

Director: Erik Matti
Starring:  Brandon Vera and Anne Curtis
Genre: Action

buy bust


Buy Bust production started in mid-2016 because according to director Erik Matti, they have to find a good mix of actors, do the training, pre-sales, test shots, storyboards, look test, and set construction. It is co-produced by Viva Films and Matti’s production company, Reality Entertainment. 

Curtis and Vera has been confirmed as lead characters in late June 2016. A week before filming, Curtis did rigorous training at the Scout Ranger Training School. She learned knife fighting in close quarters and basic weapon handling. She also nominated herself to perform most of her stunts in the film.

The movie also stars Brandon Vera, Victor Neri, Nonie Buencamino, and Joross Gamboa.


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