A Christmas Carol Musical this December

BGC Globe Iconic Amphitheater 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City | Dec 7 - Dec 27, 2017
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Get ready for a magical, touching, and hilarious musical – A Christmas Carol Musical happening this December!

What happens when one bitter miser is haunted by three ghosts to walk him through the past. Redemption? Melting of an icy heart?

Catch the well-loved holiday story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a rich, greedy, and miserable man who values more than anything, including friends, family, love, and even Christmas itself. It will be performed in a live stage on December 7 to December 27, at the BGC Globe Iconic Amphitheater, 7th Avenue in Bonifacio Global City.

A Christmas Carol Musical is a famous Christmas-themed play based on the 1843 book of Charles Dickens. It is brought to life by the music of Alan Menken.


While everyone’s excited for Christmas, there is one in the neighborhood who has been cold towards others – the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge. He had refused to ­­­show mercy to Mr. Smythe, who has just lost his wife, and his young daughter Grace; supporting prisons and workhouses for the poor; and refusing to dine with his nephew Fred.


On his way home from work, Scrooge encounters three individuals–a young woman who is working as a lamplighter, a barker selling tickets to a pantomime, and a blind beggar. He rejects all of their requests for charity. As he walks away from each, they imply that Scrooge will pay for his actions, specifically referencing his past, present, and future respectively.

That night, as Scrooge dines alone before going to bed, the ghost of his seven-year dead partner Jacob Marley appears. Marle, now spends the afterlife bound in heavy chains that he forged with his own greed and obsession with money. He tells Scrooge that his own chain will be twice as long and heavy, but that there is a chance for him to redeem himself by heeding the warnings of three spirits who will appear to him that night. Other ghosts who also wear chains also haunt Scrooge, implying they were all selfish and cold-hearted when they were alive.



The first of the three spirits, the Ghost of Christmas Past, arrives and takes Scrooge on a trip into his past. First showing him is Scrooge’s father in court; a judge sentences him to debtor’s prison, and as the elder Scrooge is taken away. He shouts to his son to make a fortune and do everything in his power to keep it.

The Spirit next shows Scrooge his boyhood, and how he dreamed of home and family to keep for himself. Later, the death of Scrooge’s mother and sister turns him against the world, and  gradually becomes obsessed with his money-lending business. In addition to his despair, Scrooge’s fiancée Emily breaks her engagement with him, as his love for gold is stronger than his affection for her. In a final tragic moment, Marley himself suddenly falls ill in their counting house on Christmas Eve, dying in Scrooge’s arms.



The Ghost of Christmas Present–who resembles the barker selling tickets– first transports him to a joyous Christmas pageant. He witnesses dancers and singers describe the pleasures found in the Yuletide. Scrooge is next shown the Cratchit home, and is stunned by the happiness they and other poor individuals find in the holidays. During a brief visit to Fred’s home, Scrooge discovers that others see him as a miserly, lonely fool for ignoring family.




The blind beggar woman appears in Scrooge’s bedroom; she transformed from a tall, beautiful woman dressed all in white: the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. The silent spirit shows Scrooge what lies in store in the future if he doesn’t change. Scrooge discovers that his fellow exchange workers–and indeed, no one at all–is mourning for him.


On Christmas morning, Scrooge tries to make amends for all he has done. In the end of the film, he ended up at his nephew’s table welcoming Christmas in both arms.


A Christmas Carol Musical is a perfect story for the whole family. Also packed with moral lessons just in time for Christmas. Lessons include forgiveness, transformation, and art of second chances.

A Christmas Carol Musical tickets at Php 2,090. Get yours now at www.ticketworld.com.ph.

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