The Curse of La Llorona will hunt your nights!

cinemas | Apr 19 - May 19, 2019
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Better be home early for The Curse of La Llorona is coming after you!

Don’t ever wander late at night because The Curse of La Llorona arrives this April 19, 2019. The famous American Latin folklore turns into a film that will cater horrors of the latter. Witness a horrifying adaptation that will fuel your nightmares!

It will surely be a terrifying experience for you so better bring your friend or sit in the cinemas with someone. Prepare your hearts with the jump scares that will surely scare you away!


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Is La Llorna cursed?

La Llorona is a popular Mexican legend which is full of dreadful stories. The legend tells the story of a beautiful woman in the village name, Maria. The innocent woman fell in love with a nobleman whose family is not at all fond of Maria. Despite the man’s family’s disapprovals, the two build a house in the village. They live together and Maria birth two boys.

Just like other cliché love stories, the man left his family for another woman. Maria is angry and hurt at the same time; enough to make horrible things. She took her sons to the river and drowned them. With the realization of Maria, she later hunts down the bodies of her children. Few days after, Maria’s body was found dead.

The people later called her ‘La Llorona’ and they believe that her spirit is still stuck in the land of the living and dead. Part of the folklore is that every night, when you hear a woman crying and saying “Ay mis hijos” ( Oh my sons!), La Llorona’s presence is there. The legend also says that when you hear her voice near, she’s far. But when you hear La Llorona in distant, she is near and she is after you.

Things to know about the film

The film is directed by Michael Chaves and produced by James Wan. Its story is set in 1970 in Los Angeles. This film is about the adventure of Anna Garcia- mother of two children that ignores the legend of La Llorona. And for that, they are bound to be hunted down in a horrifying realm.



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