DNA World Tour of Backstreet Boys is coming this October!

Mall of Asia Arena | Oct 28, 2019
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Quit playing games because they want it that way!

At some point in your life, you might be diving into ‘90s hits. No wonder why you grab your comb, face to a mirror, turn the radio or mp3 on and flash some grooves of the nostalgic songs of those years. No more nostalgia because one of the famous artists who made our ‘90s complete is coming. The Backstreet Boys are live in Manila this October 28.

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From bomber jackets, Rachel haircut, to combat boots,’90s time is one the fashionable moments of the years. Aside from all the aesthetic and physical factors of that time, don’t you ever forget the songs and dance groves that once captured you on stage. Remarkable lyrics, catchy sound and worth-feet-pumping music style, the yesteryears’ hits give nothing but good memories. Say no more on mind-boxing of wishing you could go back because one of those is coming for you live!

Backstreet Boys on their DNA World Tour

One of the best selling boy bands in the industry, Backstreet Boys announce of holding their DNA world Tour. This holds countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. From their social media pages, the group outs the news of holding one in Manila and all the fans are rejoicing on this.

So if you also had or still has a last song syndrome to I want it that way, Quit playing games, Shape of my heart and any Backstreet Boys songs, then you must give this concert  a go. Watch them live catering their newest hits from their DNA album and get ready to have some eargasm once more.

Catch them up, make it your way, don’t quit playing because the green light is already up this coming October.

More details are coming out on their site, so wait a little more!


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