The Most-Awaited Drum Tao is coming back to Manila

Theater at Solaire | Sep 5 - Sep 8, 2019
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Event Name : DRUM TAO Samurai Drum Rock Live in Manila
Location : Kia Theater
Show Schedule : April 19 8PM | April 20 8PM | April 21 2:30PM and 8PM | April 22 4:30PM
Tickets : VIP P4,500 | Orchestra P3,500 | Loge P2,500 | Balcony P1,500 | Balcony L/R P800


Witness the Japanese young drum troupe Drum Tao as they return to the Philippines for an extravagant show on April 19th-22nd at the Kia Theater, Quezon City.

The amazing group of performers played to more than 7 million people, in 400 cities in 23 countries that include Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, USA, Australia, Spain, Belgium, UK, Germany and Singapore. Drum Tao is anticipated to blast an eclectic mix of dance and martial arts, courtesy of the dynamic and innovative Japanese performers beating their Wadaiko drums.  They are known to have flawless choreography and mesmerizing performances have charmed the international audience since 1993.

Drum Tao effect in 2018

Drum Tao

Drum Tao will have an exciting stage for 2018 with costumes created by fashion designer Junko Koshino. The group reflects on Japanese tradition but also incorporates Korean, Maori, and Indonesian influences. They exploits ancient traditions of the Taiko drumming and martial arts mastery. Some of the songs they showcase are traditional, but most of them are modern compositions created by members of the troupe.

Japan martial arts and drum-playing extraordinaires, Drum Tao is popular for their passionate continuous drum beating, chanting and shouting. It is an original contemporary Japanese production that gave audiences goosebumps with their ground-breaking and spectacular show. They also showcase comical skits exhibiting Japanese humor in between sets.

Drum Tao

But, Drum Tao isn’t for the people who find exchanges of dialogues and storyline from one set to another. But rather, it is a full show of pure instrumental that can soothe and refresh one’s mind.

There’ll be around 50 drums playing in a performance by the highly disciplined crew of Japanese Taiko drummers. But other pieces include shinobue, bamboo marimba, gongs, and koto.

Get to know the awesome Drum Tao

But there’s a hardship behind the awesome performance of the group. Drum Tao undergoes intensive training as the performance style has its physical demands similarly on the athletes training habit. Performers train in their own center in the Kuju Highlands on Kyushu called Grandioso. Their daily workout starts at 5 in the morning and ends until 10 in the evening.

Drum Tao

Every day, each member have to exercise including 20 km run, calisthenics, martial arts training, dance, music and drum playing practice. Drum Tao exerts huge energy for the purpose of flashing what they’ve got. On the first ten years of training, 400 trainees dropped out as the founder Ikuo Fujitaka adjusted the training regimen.

Taiko group of drummers received more recognition when they performed at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival back in 2004 where they sold out of tickets for 25 straight days and outsold every other performance group. That fated day become an opening spotlight for them to tour internationally.

Drum Tao in Manila

Don’t miss out your one of the biggest opportunity to watch Drum Tao live in the Philippines! As The Central News said, “You’ll regret for your life if you miss this.”

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