Faith over fear with Breakthrough

Cinemas | Apr 17 - May 15, 2019
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Call out to grace with a heart-warming film

Lock-up your hands for another life changing movie is here to inspire us, April 17, 2019. Breakthrough is coming to beat up the whole world of doubt and faith.

If life pours you a thousand blessings, give thanks a million times. If the world turns its back, run forward for gratitude. Whatever you had and you will have, always be thankful. The upcoming film will picture out the above words of wisdom. This will completely alter all the uncertainty and downfalls in the world.

20th Century Fox will be releasing the film, Breakthrough this spring. Just some fact, the movie has only a 31-day shoot at different places. It is a Christian drama film that will shower us the grace of believing that everything happens for a reason. It bids us all to keep on fighting for whatever the battle is.


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Hold still when things get rough

Breakthrough’s released teaser trailer has put us all into goose bumps. The cold creeps it has is a bursting touch inside. It is an upcoming film of the year by the director, Roxann Dawson, with the writer Grant Nieporte. The film is  from the novel, The Impossible, which is a Christian book of Joyce Smith and Ginger Kolbaba. The book is based from a true story of the author. All of what has happened in her son’s tragedy has been written with the title ‘The Impossible’ and now, turns into an inspiring film.

It is about the teenager who falls to an icy lake for more than fifteen minutes. With no pulse for almost 45 minutes, the boy gets into a miracle. The teenager is continuously fighting for his life with the help of the people around him. Prayers with faith, grace and love heals him.

Truly this film will let you know that what if’s could turn into what is.


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