Ferdinand the Bull Cinema Premiere

Worldwide | Dec 15, 2017
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Ferdinand will break stereotypes on December 15!

Have your peers ever pressured you to do something you would usually do? Or have you ever felt out of place because you don’t follow society’s set expectations of you? Do you go against the grain, preferring to doing things that people don’t expect? Well, that’s how Ferdinand feels. He does not want to be violent. Ferdinand prefers smelling flowers and making friends. He would rather not charge at red cloth waved around by other people or hurt other people in general. He’d rather be a peaceful, 1 tonne bull than a fighting bull.

But when an unfortunate accident happens, he gets shipped away from his family and his best friend, Nina, to become a professional fighting bull. The friendly bull now has to find a way back home and back to the life his abductors had taken away from. Will he be able to reunite with his family or will he end up becoming a violent fighting bull?

Ferdinand the Bull is a famous children’s book.

The upcoming film takes inspiration from the classic children’s book, “Ferdinand the Bull” by American Author Munro Leaf. Robert Lawson illustrated the images. The children’s book tells the story of a bull who would rather smell flowers than fight in bullfights. One day, five men came to the pasture where the titular character and his family lives. They were there to pick a bull to for the fights. Ferdinand accidentally sits on a bee, causing him to run wild through the pasture. The men see this and take him to the bull fights.

Disney also adapted the children’s book into a short animated cartoon.

The film has many talented people working on it. John Cena voices the main character, Ferdinand the Bull. Kate McKinnon voices Lupe, an eccentric old goat determined to help Ferdinand get back home. Carlos Saldanha is directing the film. He is known for his work in animated films like the Ice Age series, Rio, and Robots.

Ferdinand is premiering on December 15, 2017.

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