Here’s What You Need To Know Before Watching Incredibles 2

Cinemas Nationwide | Jun 15 - Jun 22, 2018
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The highly anticipated Pixar movie Incredibles 2 will be showing in theatres on June 15!


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About The Incredibles



The Incredibles is a 2004 animated superhero film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Seeing as that the movie was released about 14 years ago, a lot of you may have forgotten a majority of the plot. Well don’t fret! We got you covered. The sequel is said to be picking up from where it left off.

The premise of the story centers on married superheroes Mr. Incredible, who possess super-strength and limited invulnerability, and Elastigirl, who possesses the ability to stretch her body like rubber. Together, they have an eldest daughter Violet, who can become invisible and generate an impact-resistant force shield. The Parrs have a son Dash, who possesses super-speed. The Parr’s youngest son is Jack-Jack, who has the ability to shapeshift.

In the film, Bob and Helen Parr are banned from the government from all super-power activities by the government. The Parr’s alter egos are forced to assume mundane lives.

After an incident with his boss, Bob secretly goes undercover as Mr. Incredible and is given a chance to become a hero again.

After being captured by his former ‘superfan’ Buddy, who is now a villain called, “Syndrome”, Bob’s entire family attempts to save him. By the end of the movie, Mr. Incredible and his family are safe and defeated the robot. The family wear their superhero masks, ready to face the new threat called the “Underminer”.


The Success of The Incredibles


incredibles 2Photo source: Disney Pixar Official Facebook Page


The movie was a certified box-office hit garnering a grossing worldwide total of $633 million.

The Incredibles received a 97% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 8.3/10. As of January 2018, the movie became the 20th highest-rated animated film of all time.

The National Review Online named The Incredibles #2 on its list of 25 greatest action films ever and #7 on its list of the 20 best animated movies ever.

IGN ranked the film as the third favorite animated film of all time in a list published in 2010.


Details On Incredibles 2

For writer-director Brad Bird, he admitted that the proliferation of superhero films in recent years made it harder to tell an original story.

“On some level, it’s like going out to the football field and there’ve been way too many games on it, and there’s this dried dirt with a few sprigs of grass, and everything’s kind of clunky, and life doesn’t grow there anymore,” Bird said.



Incredibles 2 will be out in theatres on June 15.


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