iKONICS and Inner Circles listen up! iKON and WINNER is coming to Manila in a back to back concert!

Mall of Asia Arena | Nov 10 - Nov 11, 2018
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YG Entertainment label mates, iKON and WINNER are set to perform at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on November 10 and 11, 2018 in a back to back concert. Winner would first take on the stage and hold their first solo concert on November 10, 2018 and on November 11, 2018, their label mates, iKON, would heat up the same stage for their first solo concert in Manila.


winner and ikonPhoto source: Twitter (YG Entertainment)


winner and ikonPhoto source: Fandom Wikia


Before November comes, let’s first get to know these K-pop acts!


  1. iKONIC

Just like the other fandom names of k-pop groups coming from YG entertainment, like Blink of BlackPink, Black Jacks of 2NE1 and V.I.P. of Bigbang, iKON also has a cool name for their fans. Iconic as they are, to iKON, no one is more iconic than their fans, the ‘Ikonics’.


  1. Brotherhood

Just like any other set of brothers, iKON members also love to make fun of their co-members, especially Yunhyeong, who likes to make fun of other members in the group but hates it when people make fun of him.


  1. I. and his imagination

Despite his good looks, B.I. has never been in a relationship before, so when he writes songs, he has no other option but to resort to his imagination – I’m sure iKONICS would be more than willing to tur his imagination into reality! Kidding!


  1. Next level fan service

According to the iKON members, Jay is extremely flirtatious with the fans and even the staff, but who knows? Maybe he’s just being very polite??


  1. Inner Circle

WINNER’s fandom name is ‘inner Circle’, and the reason behind that is their fans are the ones nearest to them, the core layer that will help them. Woah.



True to their name, WINNER, emerged as true winners after their debut song, Empty only took them 10 days to win in a music show. 10 Days.


  1. From dreams to reality

Seunghoon grew up living in a place that had a rooftop view right next to the YG Entertainment building, he would stare at it and dream of being an artist there.


  1. Lucky fan

WINNER surprised a fan working at a department store with a live on the spot performance of their hit Really, Really. The surprise performance really left that particular fan and the other audiences who got to watch, feeling super happy.


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