Jed Madela gears up for his 15th year anniversary concert in the industry

Smart Araneta Coliseum | Nov 16, 2018
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The Jed Madela XV: Higher than High the 15th Anniversary Concert set to happen on November 16, 2018 at the Araneta Coliseum, would be his grandest concert yet. The singer-songwriter, said in one interview that he did not want his 15th year anniversary concert to become just the usual typical concert, where there’s a dance number, surprise guests, an interview portion guaranteed to make the audiences laugh, tears and a confetti shower to close the show. He wanted his concert to become one that would be remembered and talked about for days and weeks, even, after the concert. Jed wanted his concert goers to be able to experience a different high and wanted them to leave the venue feeling happy, inspired and more supportive of him.


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Let’s get to know Jed more, through these facts:


  1. John Edward Tajanlangit

The singer, songwriter and all around entertainer’s real name is John Edward Tajanlangit, one of three children, he was brought up by his father who’s a choir master and his mother who’s an administrative assistant. He was born in Iloilo City.


  1. He was the first Filipino to win the World Championships of Performing Arts title

In 2003, he was sent as the first official male representative of the Philippines to the Voice of Asia. He ranked 1st place consistently for 3 days in the internet poll survey and was given the ‘People’s Choice Award’. Five months later, Mainhill Awards of Kazakhstan awarded him as the ‘Best Voice of Asia Male Singer of the Year 2003’.


  1. Jed Madela is the first Filipino artist to be installed into the Hall of Fame of the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA), ranking him alongside famed actress-singer Liza Minnelli

During the 2005 World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood California, Jed swept all major industry awards as he single-handedly won all of it; 6 gold medals for all 6 categories he joined, the Champion Vocalist World Star Trophy and the most coveted title of ‘Grand Champion Performer of the World’. Being the first Filipino to win the title, he vanquished over 3,000 contestants from 52 countries.


  1. He conceptualizes and writes his own concerts

Jed is a Hands-on performer who likes to conceptualize and plan his own concerts to make sure that his concerts won’t be the usual and typical concerts.


  1. Short-term memory

Despite him being an accomplished singer, Jed Madela actually has trouble memorizing and remembering lyrics to songs, he had even confessed that he’s not a fan of reading, since he has short-term memory, by the time he’s already in chapter 3, he’d already forgotten about chapter 1.


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