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Cebu: Waterfront HotelManila: Solaire Resort & Casino1 Aseana Avenue, Entertainment CityParanaque City (Nov 30 & Dec 3) | Nov 30 - Dec 3, 2017
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JOKE-OY Coming to the Philippines 

Who do you think deserves the most comedic award? Americans or Filipinos? How about both, get ready to meet the FIL-AM JO KOY telling his humorous stories about his Filipina mother and his childhood. Exposing the tough love of Filipino parents, particularly the Filipina mom. This cultural assimilation is the perfect combo for the laugh trip of your life! That is why get ready for Jo Koy’s visit on November 30- December 3 in Manila and Cebu. Avail your tickets in and get a sneak peek of his relatable antics. Quirky and parent-friendly, the ones experiencing the challenge of parenthood form an affinity with Jokoy’s comedic antics.

Remember the times when the rowdy child in you escapes and your mom just tells you with her flaring nostrils and popping eyes to face the wall. Relive it again with JO KOY’s explicit, funny storytelling. Laugh at your heart’s content, that makes you fondly remember what it’s like growing up Filipino. It’s mind-boggling to know that the famous tourism tagline ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’ can be applicable to childhood shenanigans too.

Manila & Cebu, Philippines – NOV 30, DEC 1 & 3

Manila, Philippines & Cebu City, Philippines I'm coming back to the #motherland Nov 30 – Dec 3!Tix onsale 10/24: JOKOY.COM

Posted by Jo Koy on Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cultural Wit

Extending from the ever famous and irreplaceable Vapo Rub every Filipino’s life partner in sickness and in health. The wooden spoon in every family living room. Plus, the unbeatable remarks of Filipina mothers when you dare talk back. Further poking fun at the traditions in Filipino homes or controversial norms both in America and the Philippines. You will forget the boundaries between race and culture and enjoy the family-centric experiences that Jo Koy gives you. Veer away from the seriousness in life that you usually hear in news and discourage you in starting your day happy.

‘Josep’, ‘op course’ and ‘stupehd’ the infamous transition of ‘f’ to ‘p’ in pronunciation just makes you giggle. How can you ever ignore this when you hear it everywhere! Partner it up with your overprotective parents that warns you about the disasters of the adult world. Obviously not wanting you to grow up but at the same time wanting you to take on adult responsibilities.  Just minus the fun things adulting permits.

Filipinos know this all too well, that the traditional homes have that trademark of tongue in cheek squabble. Especially boys who just want to have peace and fun in playing online games. Suddenly, your mom barges in the room and relates your every shortcoming to excessive video games and internet. Just wait and see gentlemen, by the time you get sick and your mom is at your bedside applying vapor rub on your forehead. With a sultry tone and a furrowed brow, she is going to say: “See what your video gaming does to you?”

The Sharpest Tongue on Earth

Supposedly, lectures are boring and uninteresting but wait, you will know that Filipinos don’t roll that way. Sarcasm is the primary choice of Filipino parents their weapon and their ancient technique in back-firing your words. Leaving you dumb-founded and feeling ‘stupehd’. Professors alike don’t even dare on debating words especially with your mom, her lectures can last a lifetime. Even more when she gets her hands on your bad grades, Jokoy shows how Filipino parents react when education isn’t going their- your way. Prepare for the worrying lectures about poverty and wasting their blood and sweat to get you a good education. If there is anything that is most effective for you, they know it’s guilt.


Gathering the most humorous aspect of the Philippine tradition is evident in Jo Koy’s solo comedy performances. In this article, it includes the entertaining cultural points from Jo Koy’s infamous videos. Injecting further the urgency for you to watch his clips live from Seattle. Prepare your lungs for a series of laughs that will make you gasp for air and yes, it is that funny. A stand-up comedy is a one-person performance. However, with Jo Koy’s flamboyant and accurate mannerisms along with his expressions matching the generic parent you dealt with makes you reminisce in laughter.

Usually, Jokoy’s performances are fond of nature and very perfect for a family attendance.  The audience witnesses the imperfect yet strong love of a parent and portray the experience of gaining a Filipina’s love. Filipinos are made of lots of humor and toughness. Bringing you to an epiphany of why the usual Filipino see fun as a necessity in battling the everyday.

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