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Cinemas Nationwide | May 16, 2018
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Star Cinema presents a film that will challenge all your truths about love. Kasal opens in theaters on May 16, 2018.

Kasal Movie Synopsis

The movie tells a complicated story about three adult characters in a strange dilemma: “One who wants to stop it, one wants to proceed, and one woman who has to choose which wedding to go to and what decision to make.”

Kasal Movie Details

Ratings: NR

Director: Ruel Bayani

Starring: Bea Alonzo, Derek Ramsay, Paulo Avelino

Genre(s): Romance

This movie is a 25th Anniversary Special from Star Cinema.

Kasal Movie Casts

Bea Alonzo

Bea Alonzo will play Ali, who had a bad relationship before, now she already moved on and is getting married to Philip Cordero (Paulo Avelino). What will be her decision after knowing that her ex-boyfriend who wounded her heart wanted to get her back? Will she say “yes” to her ex-boyfriend or to her fiancé?

Bea Alonzo’s last movie was How To Be Yours with her leading man, Gerald Anderson. While her last television series that runs 8 months consecutively is A Love To Last paired with Ian Veneracion. It revolves around relationships in a diversified family setting.

Derek Ramsay

Derek’s character is Bea Alonzo’s ex-boyfriend who is trying to win her back after he broke her heart. What is the reason behind Derek’s character in hurting Ali’s heart (Bea Alonzo)? However will he succeed in getting back Ali’s trust again?

Gab in All of You, Dom in All you Need is Pag-ibig as well as Jeremy a Filipino-American in English Only, Please are some leading roles played by Derek Ramsay. He won Best Actor in the film English Only, Please at the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival.

Paulo Avelino

Philip Cordero will be played by Paulo Avelino. He is Ali’s fiancé, who harbors some dark secrets. Is it a dark secret that could break Ali’s heart once again?

Paulo Avelino also has an upcoming historical epic film besides Kasal. He will be playing Gregorio Del Pilar in Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral.


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