Kuya Wes at Cinemalaya 2018

Cultural Center of the Philippines | Aug 3 - Aug 12, 2018
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“What’s worse than knowing you want something, besides knowing you can never have it?”

Falling in love is a typical thing that can happen to a normal person. Each and everyone of us needs to love and feel loved; but sometimes, destiny plays with us. We fall in love when we shouldn’t on someone we can not have.

Catch the story of Kuya Wes, a simple dedicated guy who is working in a money transfer company. He finds himself “in a relationship” with a regular client, a married woman who suffers from marital woes.

Will they be able to survive a love that is unacceptable by the eyes of law? Find out on August 3 as we celebrate the premiere of the 2018 Cinemalaya films. Don’t miss out, buy your tickets now!


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Marital Woes and the Reasons Behind It

1. Money problems

The most popular reason of all reasons. Before saying “I Do”, make sure you aren’t just crazy in love. You must also be financially stable.

2. Children

A child is the number one stressor in a marriage and can accentuate differences in beliefs on issues like how to discipline or who is responsible for most of the child care.

3. Time apart

Time apart and a lack of quality time together causes couples to become out of sync with each other.

4. Expectations

We all go into marriage with certain expectations. Most of the time, marriage is the opposite of what we expected. And when these expectations aren’t met, then that’s the time that most of us explodes.

5. Household Responsibilities

Many couples argue over equitable distribution of household work, and how to do it.This isn’t how it should be. if you see something that needs to be done, do it.


Ogie Alcasid as “Kuya Wes”

Veteran actor slash comedian and singer-song writer OGIE ALCASID is finally back on the big screen in a Cinemalaya film as he plays “KUYA WES”; the lead role of the movie. With the direction of James Robin Mayo, a comedy finalist of #Cinemalaya2018 full length film competition.

According to Ogie, he is happy and excited to finally star in a Cinemalaya entry. He is also grateful for the opportunity to be chosen for the role. Aside from that, he also extends gratitude for the director for giving him the honor of being part of the masterpiece.

Why Watch?

This film about love and the struggle to fight for is a must. The plot is very simple but wholesome. We’ll surely be feeling a lot of emotions with this one. Be sure to watch out the list as well as you concentrate on the movie. Drown yourself on the lessons that it brings.


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