Let’s Eat! awakens the foodie in us!

viu.com | Aug 30 - Nov 30, 2018
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Let’s Eat!

This K-drama is a foodie’s haven with its array of mouthwatering and delectable array of food that would both frustrate and satisfy the viewers.

Centering on the life of Lee Soo Kyung, a divorcee in her 30’s, who carries herself with great composure and dignity, but loses it whenever she’s in the vicinity of good food (honestly, same) and of three other individuals who are hungry for both food and love. They discover each other’s love for good food and got to know each other because of it.


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Here are some of the characters that we should look forward to!


Lee Soo Kyung as Lee Soo Kyung

A woman, in her 30’s who has undergone a divorce in her 20’s. Like any other divorcee (presumably) she wishes to carry herself with great composure and dignity. She’s got a slight problem, though – she loses it every time she sees good food. She is a major foodie who frequents food blogs and puts her aspiration to eat at renowned restaurants at the top of her wish list. She is a person who had morphed into a slightly cold-hearted woman due to her divorce; but her love and passion for food never wavered.  As the drama progresses, we see Lee Soo Kyung’s character thaw back into the girl that he was before her divorce. We witness her learn once again how to appreciate her life and let people enter it.


Yoon Doo Joon as Goo Dae Young

The K-pop group, Highlight’s leader is no stranger to the small screen, as he already acted alongside Kim So Hyun in the 2018 KBS drama, Radio Romance as the male lead. His role as a temperamental, picky top actor in Radio Romance is very much different from his role as Goo Dae Young in this drama. Yoon Doo Joon plays as the gourmand Goo Dae Young who has such great passion for food that he’s made a blog about it, which is Lee Soo Kyung’s favorite blog, but is unaware of the fact that Goo Dae Young is the gourmand behind it. Goo Dae Young is the character who would draw us even more to the palatable food featured on each episode with his humorous food spiels.


Shim Hyung Tak as Kim Hak Moon

Another character that would give color to this drama is lawyer kim Hak Moon. Kim Hak Moon is a character the audiences are guaranteed to abhor because of his persistent bullying of Lee Soo Kyung. It would be later revealed that he had feelings for Soo Kyung during their college days but failed to confess to her. He’d be a well –loved character towards to end of the series, though, simply because of his rekindled feeling for Soo Kyung. Towards the end, we get to see him change from silly, immature bully to the sweet Soo Kyung admirer who looks at her though heart eyes.


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