Life On Mars is the retro drama that we all deserve. Here’s why! | Aug 29 - Nov 29, 2018
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When it comes to retro dramas, and going back into time dramas, Koreans certainly has the greatest movies and series to boast. From the Reply series to, to the Go Back Couple to movies like Hot Young Bloods and Werewolf Boy, their take on retro dramas perfectly embody the 80’s and 90’s life. And now comes Life on Mars.

This BBC hit drama will take on the Korean treatment through broadcasting station, OCN and be played by Jung Kyung Ho as Han Tae Joo, Park Sung Woong as Kang Dong Cheol and Go Ah Sung as Yoon Na Yeong.  The story follows the leader of a crime investigation team, Han Tae Joo, who stumbles upon a serial murder case and gets into an accident. He wakes up and finds himself propelled back in time, in the winter of the year 1988. Now a detective in a small city in 1988, he takes on the challenge of solving a case in order to get back to his life in the future.



Let us get to know the Korean cast of Life on Mars


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Jung Kyung Ho’s father was opposed to him becoming an actor

Despite his long line of television series, movies and great acting skills, Jung Kyung Ho’s father was strongly against to him taking on an actor career path. His father certainly knows better, and only wants the good for his son since he is a television director, he prolly did not want his son to go through the struggles an actor goes through. But we are all thankful that he finally gave the green signal to his son’s dream, that he is able to grace our television screens.


Jung Kyung Ho and Choi Soo Young

Jung Kyung Ho is Girls’ Generation’s Soo Yung’s boyfriend. The couple are revealed to be in a relationship since 2012 and both their fans have nothing but happiness for the couple. Both are open with their relationship and this is seen through them sending coffee trucks to each other’s work places and talking about their marriage plans in the future.


Go Ah Sung as a Psychology major

The child actress studies psychology at Sungkyungkwan University and is also greatly interested in photography. Because of her talent in photography, her original photos were displayed in a photo exhibition in 2010.


Go Ah Sung is a seasoned child actress

She began her career as a child actress through television commercials when she was just four-years old and through in the stage musical Peter Pan in 2002. Her career skyrocketed in the 2006 top-grossing blockbuster, the Host.


Park Sung Woong as a lawyer

Park Sung Woong was a talented kid but never thought he’d be pursuing an acting career. He went on to study law in his college days but kept getting drawn to the theatre, after a lot of thought,  he decided to give his passion a chance , moved to Seoul and started auditioning. Soon enough he was picked for a role the 1997 film, No. 3.


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