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Cinemas | Sep 28, 2018
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To celebrate the 150th anniversary of a classic novel, Little Women is coming to theaters this September 28, 2018!



About Little Women (2018)


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Based on the popular novel of American author Louisa May Alcott, Little Women tells the story of four sisters – Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy March who are living with their mother in Massachusetts. Their father is away serving for the American troops fighting in a war. Each of the children have their own unique personality and their own dream they wish to achieve.

The film is directed by actress turned director, Clare Niederpruem. Lea Thompson plays Marmee, the March sisters’ mother and Bart Johnson as the March sisters’ father. Melanie Stone plays the eldest March sister, Meg. Sarah Davenport plays 15 year-old tomboy, Jo. Allie Jennings plays Beth, and Lucas Grabeel plays Laurie.

The critically acclaimed novel has had a number of adaptations, such as TV shows, movies, musicals and opera, and stage plays through the years in different countries.


Meet the March Sisters

Margaret or “Meg,” the eldest, is regarded as as a beauty by most people. She keeps the household sane when their mother is not around. She embodies all the expectations people have about women. Meg often reminds her sisters to be mindful of their actions and lectures them so they grow up to embody the title of “little women.”

Josephine or “Jo”, is a strong and willful and tomboyish 15 year old who has fiery temper and a stubborn personality. She loves to read books and write her own stories and plays for her sisters to perform. Jo is often scolded to be more ladylike if she would want to be an author someday. She befriends the neighbor, Theodore “Laurie” Laurence, and become inseparable. Growing up, she pursues a literary career and moves to New York City.

Elizabeth or “Beth” is the complete opposite of Jo. Beth is as a kind, gentle, sweet, and shy child. At her young age of 13, she has taken up the of the peacemaker of the family whenever they argue. As she grows older, she develops Scarlet fever making her very weak and sickly. It is mostly Jo who takes care of her beloved younger sister and rarely leaves her side, until her foreseen death.

The youngest March sister, Amy, is the artist of the family. She embodies the little sister stereotype – snobby and spoiled. At her young age, she’s already too concerned about her appearance. She is self-conscious about her nose and thinks that it’s not “aristocratic-looking” enough. Amy is passionate about art. She creates artworks and dreams of becoming a painter one day. Amy and Jo are usually at each others’ throats, but the two learn to get along and love each other more eventually.


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