Maroon 5 returns to Manila for their ‘Red Pills Blues tour’

Mall of Asia Arena | Mar 5, 2019
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Get ready Maroon 5 fans! Maroon 5 is back again after three years, with their most recent Manila concert last September 2015, at the Mall of Asia Arena for their V tour.

The concert announced on their official website will be on March 5, 2019 to promote the the band’s sixth studio album, which they released in November 2017. The studio album includes songs like Don’t Wanna Know featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar, What Lovers Do, featuring R&B singer SZA, and Girls Like You, featuring rapper Cardi B.


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In anticipation for their upcoming concert, let us add our knowledge on the band through these facts:


  1. Their name wasn’t ‘Maroon 5’

No matter how you hear it, or read it, the name, ‘Maroon 5’ truly exudes coolness and sophistication. Most of us don’t even know what ‘Maroon 5’ means, and yet when we hear it, we can’t help but think about those six cool guys, front-lined by the cooler guy, ‘Adam Levine’. But do you think that these six guys would still look as dandy as they do now under a name other than, ‘Maroon 5’? The band’s been present since 1995 and was originally called, Kara’s flowers. What do you guys think?


  1. They are geniuses!

They participated in Coca-Cola’s ’24 Hour Project’. During the 24 hours, they wrote, arranged and recorded their famous single, Is Anybody Out There. All I can do in twenty-four hours is panic, eat, sleep, and cram. Kudos to them!


  1. Kara’s Flowers

When they were still Kara’s flowers, they got discovered while playing in a house party in Malibu by someone from Reprise Records, they signed a deal and they released their first album “The Fourth World,” which flopped leading to Reprise Records dropping the band. But all went well, though, if they hadn’t flopped, we fans wouldn’t have been blessed with Maroon 5.


  1. Jane was real

In their album ‘Songs About Jane’, Adam Levine revealed that each song was inspired by Levine’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Jane. Every single contains at least one line particularly written about his ex-girlfriend. This love was the story of their break up.


  1. Adam’s friends

Adam is childhood friends with actors Jason Segel, Jonah Hill and Jake Gyllenhaal. They have such tight friendship that Jonah Hill even presided over Adam Levine’s and Behati Prinsloo’s wedding.


Maroon 5’s Red Pill Blues tour will happen at the Mall of Asia Arena.


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