Aladdin is coming back, Alive!

Cinemas | May 24 - Jun 7, 2019
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Tease the season of Summer for a whole new world!

Our fantasy film that brought us to the toy stores just to buy a magic lamp for genie is back after nearly three decades. It is worth the wait, especially to the adult fans of Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, Abu and the courageous Genie. Catch them up on May 24, 2019.


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Year 1992 when the animated musical fantasy film was released by Walt Disney Pictures. The voice stars  of the film were, Scott-Weinger as Aladdin, Robin Williams as Genie, and Linda Larkin as Jasmine. Filipino theater actor Lea Salonga provided Jasmine’s singing voice.

Your childhood is such a fantastic one when you played the doormat in your home and emote like you’re flying in the sky, though you’re really not.Ever nicked your grandma’s kettle to rub and whisper your craziest wishes? Well, that is the impact of Aladdin to everyone. It made children believe that non-living things are alive, magically. More than that is the love interest between the street rat and a royalty. It surely is fantasy when love meets the cruelty of undesired status.


New People in the Film

The new version comes with the newest stars, voice-casts and highlights behind the camera.  Guy Ritchie directs the film with the write-ups of John August and produced by Walt Disney Pictures. A lot of modern stars will be playing the roles of Aladdin. It features Will Smith as Genie- who grants three wishes of whomever holds the magical lamp. The role was played by Robin Williams, year 1992. Mena Massoud will be portraying the role of Aladdin- a street rat that chases affection to the Sultan’s daughter. Naomi Scott plays the character of a young beautiful offspring of the Sultan ,Princess Jasmine.  Marwan Kenzari acts as the evil-sorcerer who is eager to acquire Agrbah from the Sultan.

The first teaser appears the Cave of Wonders, and the voice into it is Frank Welker who will also be the cast for Abu, Aladdin’s pet monkey.

Your wish do come true with Aladdin 2019.


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