A big friendly creature is missing something!

Cinemas Nationwide | Apr 12 - Apr 26, 2019
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A gigantic searching is going to happen

Heads up, literally because a giant friend is coming after us to find out what he’s missing. Missing Link is ready to fit on the screens this April 12, 2019. Witness how the cute yet huge monster ventures to different places just to search something he lost.

Spring season would never be small with the upcoming enormous adventure of a BIG monster. This comes to different kinds so that it has a lot of names. But little do we know that one of those kinds is a monster of their size.


missing link
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Missing Link has a problem!

Obviously, the title already got the title but the main problem is he is lonely. Mr. Link is the only one saved kind of his specie. Being alone out there in the jungle, without the presence of anyone just like him, he is like a monster stuck in an island. Technically, Mr. Link is not a cliché monster, he is a good sort of monster. He has this cute innocent aura though he’s big and please exclude his nose which is very disturbing sometime. Enable for him to be a happy monster, he has to find a way. Mr.Link have written a letter, yep he does write and speak too, to a famous man. The Gemini man is Sir Lionel Frost, a popular adventurer that knows a lot of the forests due to his wit and bravery. The letter sent to him is about helping him to find the Yetis- Mr. Link’s cousins.

The only problem is how will they find the second family of Mr. Link and will they going to make it? If not, then Mr. Link will surely stop his adventures and it will end the thrilling excitement of him on finding his home. But if they searched right, then he’ll never feel isolated and will be happier.

Mr. Link is Zach Galifianakis, Sir Frost is Hugh Jackman and many more  voice stars that will give life to the film, Missing Link.


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