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Cinemas Worldwide | Nov 16, 2017
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The Justice League will save the world!

When the world is brought into darkness and a great evil looms over the horizon, who will stand up for mankind? And are they enough? The most awaited team-up has finally come. Justice League premieres in theatres worldwide on November 16.

The movie follows the aftermath of the events in Batman vs. Superman. Superman is dead and gone, but Batman has had dark premonitions regarding the future of Earth. These nightmares show the Earth being invaded by winged creatures and humanity on the brink of being eradicated. He has taken it upon himself to prepare a team just in case his premonitions come true.

Batman prepares a team of incredible individuals.

He has already met and has successfully recruited Wonder woman. By the end of Batman vs. Superman, Batman convinces Wonder woman that there is a need for warriors like her. With her help, Batman aims to recruit more. Building off from the information he has acquired from Luthor’s database, he has leads on three more warriors: a speedster, a cyborg, and a merman. Everyone already knows who these three are. Barry Allen, also known as the Flash, Victor Stone, the Cyborg, and Arthur Curry, the Aquaman. These five heroes will be the first members of the Justice League.

The Fastest Man Alive

Ezra Miller plays Barry Allen. Barry Allen, also known as the Flash, is still a young man in this universe. He has minimal experience in fighting crime and evil. He mentions that the most that he has “never done battle” and all he has ever done was “push people and run away.” In other words, he has yet to reach his maximum potential as the Flash.

As followers of the Flash know, he is capable of doing incredible and almost impossible feats. In the comic books, Barry Allen was a scientist working for the Central City Police department. While working late in the laboratory one night, Barry experienced an accident that changed his life forever. A streak of lightning had shot into the laboratory, hitting Barry and a shelf of chemicals. These events led into him turning into the Flash. It is later revealed that the Speed Force, a mystical force present throughout the world, used these accidents as a cover-up for the origin of Flash’s powers (but that is a whole other discussion entirely.)

The Flash’s abilities

The Flash’s primary ability is superspeed. When Barry moves, generates Speed Force. When this happens, everything slows down in Barry’s point of view. In all actuality, he’s really just moving too fast for others to follow. Some theorists believe that Barry can exceed the speed of light but limits himself to moving lesser than Mach 10. Moving any faster would cause collateral damage to his surroundings. With his speed, he can run across water and on vertical surfaces, catch bullets, and even dismantle objects in the air. He can also cause sonic booms when he moves faster than the speed of sound.

Among his many abilities are the abilities to turn invisible by moving accelerating his body’s particles, create after images, have enhanced healing, and even time travel. In the comic book universe, Barry Allen is said to be one of the strongest metahumans (humans with supernatural powers) in the world.

The Half-Human, Half-Machine

Ray Fisher is Victore Stone, also known as Cyborg. Victor Stone is the son of Silas and Elinore Stone, two scientists working in STAR Labs. Due to Silas and Elinore focusing on scientific discoveries and experiments, Victore developed a great disdain for science. His parents also used Victor as a test subject for some of their experiments, making him feel like a scientific tool rather than a son. He gained genius level intellect after going through an intelligence boosting experient through one of the tests by his parents.

Because of his hatred of science and math, Victor focused most of his time in school developing his athletic capabilities. He was part of the varsity team, much to his father’s dismay and disapproval. During one of his visits to STAR Labs, his parents accidentally transported a creature from another dimension into the laboratory. Silas successfully transported the creature back but not after it killing his wife and mortally wounding his son. In order to save his son, he fused Victor’s body with cybernetic implants, much to Victor’s anger and horror.

Cyborg’s abilities

These implants provide Cyborg with superhuman strength, endurance, and durability. They also enable him to interface with tech and computers. He also has an arsenal of equipment, making him one of the most versatile members of the Justice League. He can fly with the aid of his jets, has access to multiple vision like heat vision and x-ray vision due to his cyber-optics, and has super hearing. His weapons include an ice beam and an energy cannon.

The King of Atlantis

Jason Momoa plays Arthur Curry. Arthur Curry is half-Atlantean and half-human. His mother is Atlanna, an Atlantean Pricess, and his father is Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper in Maine. Tom Curry rescued Atlanna during a storm that tossed Atlanna onto the shore, injuring her. The two developed feelings towards each other and made the lighthouse their home. The two then became husband and wife.  Although Curry always knew there was more to his wife than she would let on, he’d never ask her about her origins.

At the age of two, Arthur’s father found him playing underwater for hours without drowning. Several years later, Atlanna revealed on her deathbed to Arthur and Tom about her ancestry and that Arthur inherited her ability to breathe underwater and communicate with and control marine life.

After Atlanna’s death, Arthur’s father became determined to train him both physically and mentally so that he would one day be in complete control of his powers. Arthur learned to view himself himself as someone special, as a savior of the oceans, as The King of the Seven Seas from the lessons his father gave. Later, after his father’s death, Arthur Curry would leave the lighthouse which had been a home to him and his family for years, to venture into the oceans and find his true destiny. He would later become the King of Atlantis.

Aquaman’s abilities

Aquaman possesses superhuman strength, endurance, and durability. He also exhibits some characteristics of some marine animals. In one instance, Brainiac dissected Aquaman’s brain and assumed that he killed the man of the sea. Comic books later revealed that Aquaman can regrow parts of his body, like a starfish. He also has superhuman agility and reflexes. His battle experience makes him a master tactician and deadly in hand-to-hand combat. His body adapts to underwater conditions like deepwater pressure. He is also the fastest swimmer in the DC universe.

Get to see these three new character in action in the upcoming Justice League Movie. Justice League premieres worldwide on November 16, 2017.


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