Netflix’s ‘The Kissing Booth’ Is Now Streaming! | May 11 - Aug 11, 2018
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Netflix’s brand new teen romantic comedy “The Kissing Booth” has gotten everyone hooked, and you’re missing out if you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon!


What: The Kissing Booth

When: May 11, 2018



Why The Internet Is Obsessed with the Kissing Booth



In case you aren’t fully aware yet, the Internet is currently OBSESSED with Netflix’s The Kissing Booth, which stars Joey King (yes, the kid who played Selena Gomez’s sister in “Ramona and Beezus”) and Aussie newcomer Jacob Elordi.

So, why exactly is the Internet obsessed with this teen rom-com?

People who are suckers for romantic comedies would not want to miss movie. It has all perfect ingredients that would make a perfect rom-com: boy meets girl  + a good-looking cast + great chemistry + a fairytale ending. People who are also hardcore shippers of fictional couples would appreciate the fact that two leads are dating in real life!


About The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth is Netflix’s latest teen-rom-com movie. A 15-year-old Beth Reekles first wrote it on WattPad. The original story on Wattpad garnered 19 million reads on the site alone. Beth was later given a three book deal, which lead to a Netflix adaptation. So, to those Wattpad authors right now, there is hope on making money off of your stories! Who knows? Netflix might turn it into a movie?

The premise of the movie centers on Elle, a high school student being forced to confront her secret crush at a kissing booth. But the twist is that her crush is actually her best friend’s older brother, who doesn’t want her dating his relative. Ellen is then stuck between her best friend or her best friend’s brother.

The film has been so successful amongst audiences that fans are already calling for a sequel!


the kissing boothPhoto source: Netflix


A Possible Sequel?

It’s definitely fair to say that the movie is proven popular with Netflix users – which has led to the inevitable question of whether there might be a potential sequel in the works. Will there be a Kissing Booth part two? As of today, Netflix has not yet confirmed if they opt to make a follow up to the movie.

However, Beth Reekles hinted on writing a possible sequel via a twitter poll.

The Kissing Booth is now available to stream on Netflix.


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