New Chloe Moretz Movie ‘Brain On Fire’ Will Be Available On Netflix This June! | Jun 22 - Sep 22, 2018
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You can watch Chloe Moretz deal with a mysterious illness in ‘Brain On Fire’ on Netflix this June 22nd!

After premiering at the Toronto Film Festival in 2016, the psychological drama ‘Brain On Fire’ is finally getting a worldwide release via Netflix.

If you’re a Chloe Moretz fan, get ready to watch her break out of her typical teenage roles and watch her play an actual adult. You definitely would not want to miss this transition!


The Premise of Brain On Fire



The ‘Brain On Fire’ movie is based on a bestselling memoir by writer Susannah Cahalan, who while working at the New York Post, began experiencing unusual health-related symptoms that doctors couldn’t figure out. Chloe plays Susannah, who has no memory of her behavior in the month’s prior. She now has to work to uncover what’s actually going on with her health.

But things get a lot worse on Susannah’s part. She starts experiencing paranoia, seizures, dizziness, and doctors still cannot properly diagnose her. Now, it’s up to Susannah’s friends and family to work together to figure out what’s going on with her.


Meet the Cast of Brain on Fire


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Chloe Moretz as Susannah Cahalan

Susannah is a young woman who one day wakes up in a hospital with no memory of the events that took place in the prior months.


Jenny Slate as Margo

Margo is Susannah’s friend and co-worker.


Thomas Mann as Stephen

Stephen is Susanna’s boyfriend who helps her deal with her illness and figure out what’s going on with her.


Tyler Perry as Richard

Richard is Susannah’s boss at the New York Post.


Carrie-Anne Moss as Rhona Nack

Rhona is Susannah’s loving mother who tries to help her daughter figure out her unusual illness.


Richard Armitage as Tom Cahalan

Tom is Susannah’s caring father who also tries his best to help his daughter.


‘Brain On Fire’ will be available to stream on Netflix this June 22nd.


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