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Worldwide | Nov 17, 2017
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The Punisher Gets His Own Series

After Frank Castle made an unforgettable impact in Season 2 of the Netflix Original Series “Daredevil’, Netflix has ordered a full season focusing on the famous anti-hero. The Punisher is expected to join Netflix’s roster of shows this coming November.

Who is the Punisher?

Frank Castle, or more commonly known as the Punisher, is a US Marine Special Forces veteran. He had retired after experiencing a close call in one of his field operations, deciding it was more important to spend more time with his family. After a few peaceful years, Castle and his family witnessed a mob execution on a high profile member of the mafia while they were on a picnic. The mob spared no one, firing upon Castle’s family and killing them all before Castle’s very eyes.

After his family was killed by the mob, Castle created his vigilante identity to wage war against organized crime. He saw the justice system to be inefficient. Either the sentence for the crime is too light and took too long to carry out or rampant corruption prevented it from even being carried out. He wanted revenge, he wanted swift justice, and he wanted the criminals to be punished.

He disappeared from the face of the Earth only to resurface dawning black Kevlar Armor and armed with multiple weapons. The white skull painted on his armor strikes terror into the hearts of criminals as soon as they see it. They soon discover the reason why people call him the Punisher.

Is he a hero?

Compared to the straight-cut heroes people are used to seeing, like Spider-man or Batman, the Punisher walks the thin line between good and evil. While other super heroes believe that there is an inherent good in each human being, the Punisher often judges his targets based on the actions they have done. Rather than capturing criminals and turning them over to the proper officials, the Punisher prefers to deal with them himself. He is not afraid to take lives if it is for the greater good or resort to methods that are not exactly morally sound. This stems from his distrust of the justice system. People see him as a vigilante, an anti-hero, rather than a true-blue hero.

The Punisher does not have any super powers. He relies on his wisdom and experience, as well as his military training, to carry out his missions. The Punisher also has a huge assortment of equipment and weaponry that prove more than enough to deal with the criminals he goes up against. Off-the-field partners also aid the Punisher; those who feed him information regarding his missions or provide him with armor and gadgets. The Punisher is also known to be ruthless, almost to the point of being considered a psychopath. He completes his mission as efficient as possible, holding on to his mantra of “Never letting his mark escape.”

Netflix’s Punisher


Jon Bernthal played the Punisher in Netflix’s Daredevil. Though not the first to take up the challenge of portraying this badass on screen, critics mostly agree that he is the best one yet. Marvel CCO, Joe Quesada, states that Jon Bernthal successfully brought the intensity of the Punisher onto the screen without losing the tenderness of Frank Castle. The balanced mixture of Frank’s tenderness and the Punisher’s intensity exemplifies the fragility of the character’s nature, alluding to the sudden change in Frank Castle’s life. Before the tragedy of losing his loved ones, Frank Castle was a family man. That person still exists inside the Punisher somewhere, overshadowed by the Punisher’s fury and brutality.

Who will be in the series?

Jon Bernthal will reprise his role in the Netflix in the upcoming Punisher series. Among the expected cast, Ben Barnes will play Punisher’s unhinged Archnemesis, Jigsaw. Ebon Moss-Bachrach will play Microchip, the Punisher’s ally, hacker, and weapons supplier.


Bernthal, known for another series based on a comic book, will play the Frank Castle.

Jon Bernthal has been acting since 2002. He has performed in over 30 plays regionally and Off-Broadway. Most people recognize Jon Bernthal for his role as Shane Walsh in the television series The Walking Dead. He also had a supporting role in The Wolf of Wall Street. In 2014, he played Grady Travis in Fury, one of the 5 main tank crewmen in the movie. Marvel announced that he would play the Punisher for their Marvel Television Universe running in Netflix in 2015.


Known for his portrayal as Prince Caspian in the Narnia movies, Ben Barnes will now play the villain Jigsaw in Netflix’s The Punisher.

Ben Barnes played Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia films Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and the title character in Dorian Gray. He started his career in musical theatre, spending a few years as part of the National Youth Music Theatre. In 2016, he acquired the role of Billy Russo, commonly known as Jigsaw, in Netflix’s the Punisher.

The series will most likely explore the origins of the Punisher and Jigsaw’s conflict. Be sure to catch them this coming November on Netflix!


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