Wormwood Season Premiere

Worldwide | Dec 15 - Dec 31, 2017
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Get ready to dive into a thrilling documentary about cover-ups, mind control, and a family man’s unexplained death. Wormwood premieres only on Netflix.

The US Government has its own secrets. Firstly, they have access to information not known to the public and, perhaps, will never be. Also, they perform operations hidden and protected by numerous security agencies and organizations. Finally, the government does experiments, humane and inhumane, right under the noses of its citizens. At least, that is what some people theorize. Some conspiracy theories drive people insane. With that insanity, comes their outcasting from society. But, what if? What if these conspiracy theories were right? What will happen when a person discovers the truth? And what if the government discovers that you’re right on their trail? Welcome to Wormwood.

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Wormwood focuses on two main characters, Frank Olson and his son, Eric. Frank Olson was a CIA operative and biochemist who either jumped out or was thrown out of a Manhattan hotel window in 1935. His death left his family, three children and his wife, destroyed and looking for any sort of explanation. Among the family, Olson’s death affected Eric the most. Eric has spent the last 60 or so years investigating the mysterious circumstances that enveloped the death of his father. Will he find the answers that he has never given up on discovering, or will his father’s death waste his very own in vain?

Errol Morris brings us into the intrigue that is Wormwood.

Wormwood is a mix of documentary and fiction. Errol Morris, the director of the miniseries, has made a career in documentaries examining and investigating authorities. These documentary subjects range from executioners to pet cemetery managers. In Wormwood, Morris focuses on the darker side of the government, with cover-ups and heinous experiments. With the mix of actual interviews and reenactments of possible scenarios, Morris turns Wormwood into a documentary-fiction combination that will get into your head and make a lasting impact.

If you are a fan of mystery, intrigue, and drama, you should definitely put this miniseries on your To-Watch List!

Wormwood premieres on December 15, 2017 on Netflix.

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