Reasons why Father is Strange is your next favorite family drama! | Aug 30 - Nov 30, 2018
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Father is Strange follows the life of a family of six living in the outskirts of Seoul.  The Byun Family is just like any other family, and all is well until an idol/actor, Ahn Joong Hee (Lee Joon)whose manager is Byun Mi Yeong (Jung So Min), one of the family’s daughters, shows up in their household, claiming to be a son of the family. The house is turned upside down, especially when one of the daughters, Byun Mi Yeong discovers her feelings for her alleged lost brother. This hilarious and heartwarming drama is sure to make you wishing for more episodes!


Here are some of the reasons why this drama is a much watch!


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A relatable drama for sisters all around the world

Sisters are like a free gift from God. Though they might be our most despised enemies at times, but it is without a doubt that we consider them our most reliable best friends to whom we tell our worries, secrets to and seek advices from. The bond between sisters can never break even after many misunderstandings. This drama depicts the dynamics between the family’s three sisters, Byun Hye Young, (Lee Yu Ri) Byun Mi Young, (Jung So Min) and Byun Ra Young (Ryu Hwa Young), especially during the scenes where they’ve got each other’s backs.


Lee Joon plays an arrogant and silly role

The formerly harmonious house of the Byun family is suddenly in an uproar after Ahn Jong Hee (Lee Joon) turns up in their household claiming that he is the family’s long lost son. Despite the family’s adamant objections to his ridiculous claim, he still manages to make a spot for himself in the crowded family’s humble abode. But all this was a ruse and a tactic for him to be able to experience what having a father is like, to help him prepare for a role. Hilarious, right? But the viewers’ hearts would surely warm up to him once they discover his childish tendencies and immatureness which would all clue in to what he really wants – to belong.


A lesson or two to be picked up from each episode

Family dramas are called family dramas for a reason; it is because they appeal to all ages. Father Is Strange may display ridiculous, silly, and sometimes, sad scenes, but one thing’s for sure, the audiences’ will definitely be able to take away a lesson from each episode. May it be about love, or the importance of family.  What’s for sure is you’d catch yourself thinking, ‘that happens in my family sometimes!’


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