‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Is Going To Be Renewed For A Third Season!

netflix.com | Mar 1 - Jun 30, 2019
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Santa Clarita Diet is expected to return in Spring 2019!


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What: Santa Clarita Diet

When: Spring 2019

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Santa Clarita Season 3 Details

Santa Clarita Diet has been renewed for a third season as confirmed by Netflix! The 10-episode third season of the zombie comedy, created by Visco Fresco, is set to premiere in 2019. The cast horror comedy, including Barrymore, Olyphant, Liv Hewson and Skyler Gisondo, are set to return.

Showrunner Victor Fresco confirmed he’d already started writing the storyline of the third installment. Fresco has said he wanted to delve more into the mysterious couple Paul and Marsha, who appeared in the second season. He also wanted to bring light to the Knights of Serbia, a group who have been tasked with finding zombies and stopping the outbreak.


About the Show



Santa Clarita Diet centers on married couple, Joel and Sheila Hammond who live in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita, together with their teen daughter Abby. When Sheila starts physically transforming into a zombie and starts craving human flesh, the family is then faced with a series of obstacles. With Joel and the family try helping Sheila, they have to deal with their neighbors and getting to the bottom of a potentially mythological mystery.


Why You Should Watch Santa Clarita Diet



It’s a New Take on the Zombies

Zombies are an incredibly popular feature on our television screens at the moment. We shows like The Walking Dead, Syfy’s Z Nation, and iZombie, just to name a few. And while the Netflix Original is probably comparable to iZombie,

Santa Clarita Diet takes on a new angle with the family dynamic between the Hammonds. The end result is that the show feels like a fresh take on the zombie genre.


Despite The Show Being A Comedy, It Doesn’t Skimp on the Gore

Santa Clarita doesn’t hold back on the gore. There’s plenty of blood and guts mixed comedic timing. And to be honest, this is what you would want in a legitimate show that centers on zombies. Avid fans of the genre will not be disappointed with Santa Clarita Diet.


It’s So Easy to Binge-watch

An episode of Santa Clarita Diet is only 30 minutes long, which makes it an easy show to digest. The fact that it’s shorter than other Netflix originals makes it an easy show to stream. With all the ongoing mysteries and cliffhangers, it’s easy enough to end up watching the entire first season in one sitting.


It Has Drew Barrymore

Who doesn’t love Drew Barrymore? We’ve seen her as the little girl in E.T, one of Charlie’s Angels, and the innocent sweetheart from Never Been Kissed. It’s hard not to appreciate Drew Barrymore. Starring and producing in Santa Clarita Diet is giving her a comeback reminding audiences why we fell in love with her in the first place.


Santa Clarita Diet is currently available to watch via streaming on Netflix.


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