See how Filipinos see the silver lining in everything in PETA’s ‘Charot’!

PETA Theater Center | Feb 8 - Mar 17, 2019
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PETA’s ‘Charot’ stages, and we’re so thrilled about this!

Do you go around smiling and telling jokes even when life’s got it in for you and is giving you too much lemons? Or, do you just utter a punch line whenever the mood’s down to at least make it a bit lighter? Then, you are indeed of Filipino blood. Filipinos do love playing around in times of crisis, when times get rough, they just laugh and make fun of it– somehow it’s their way of looking at the silver lining. Now, if you are a theatergoer or just plainly a Filipino citizen, Charot of Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) will have you realizing the true and genuine traits of Filipinos as it depicts the character of Filipinos between crises and successes. The play runs from February 8 to March 17, 2019.

It’s one of the greatest habits of Filipinos that truly amazes some corners of the world. Filipinos tend to crack jokes amidst their struggles. Poverty, hunger and such are nothing when happiness is innate and can easily reach to. Laughing to death is our nature.


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Bits of Filipino-blood in Charot

Charot is originally a slang word of Filipinos which means that you’re joking. It serves as an inspiration for the theatrical play that’ll surely show the light and jolly nature of every Filipino. Life in the Philippines isn’t always easy, with it being a third world country, but although life is hard, laughter can still be heard everywhere since it’s the best way the citizens believes they can get through adversities. But Charot has more depth than that, it teaches us the life beyond the jokes and fun punch lines.

Truly, we like to overturn situations by using the famous colloquial term, ‘charot’. It really is sad, not finding a great drive to wash all the bad circumstances away, but Filipinos find it endurable by joking around, not to evade the problem, but to at least make it bearable.

Charot also focuses on the walls between the generations and classes of Filipinos. All in all, PETA’s Charot showcases the whole country’s struggles and challenges and we conquer these climb-ups.

Tickets are available at Ticket World Manila.


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