The Smile Has Left Your Eyes | Oct 24 - Dec 24, 2018
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Take a breather from drama clichés with TVN’s new thriller drama, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. Remade from the 2002 Japanese drama, Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi, the Korean remake features adept actors, Shopping King Louie’s Seo In Guk, Because This Is My First Life’s Jung So Min, Man To Man’s Park Sung Woong, and Lee Hong Bin from the idol group, VIXX.

The premise of the story centers on Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk), a certified Casanova, who works as an assistant in a Korean beer brewery who puts on a façade of a charming and innocent boy next door. Kim Moo Young’s act may be successful in capturing most women’s hearts, but his front doesn’t work on Yoo Jin Kang (Jung So Min), an advertising designer who sees right through his façade and could tell that something’s off with him. Despite not liking him from the get go, Yoo Jin Kang eventually finds herself getting more entangled with Kim Moo Young’s true character and unpleasant past. Because of Yoo Jin Kang and Kim Moo Young’s getting closer, Yoo Jin Kang’s older brother, Yoo Jin Gook (Park Sung Woong), a detective with 27 years of experience worries for her little sister, since he can also tell that something’s off about Kim Moo Young. Maybe it’s because of his being a detective for more than two decades or maybe it’s just his innate protectiveness for his little sister, Yoo Jin Gook does everything in his purview to try and separate the two.


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Let’s get to know the cast of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes!

  1. Seo In Guk was a reality show contestant

Before blessing our eyes and ears with his dramas and songs, Seo In Guk first took on the stage of the reality show, ‘Superstar K’, where in he won first place. After getting rejected multiple times, he finally got his luck which was due a long time ago when offers for music albums and other things came flooding in. He did a number of recordings, both singles as well as albums. He also did non-musical stuffs such as photo-shoots and television interviews, which increased his recognition even more.


  1. Jung So Min put herself through college

Despite coming from a prominent family, with her father being one of the richest men in Korea, she put herself through college, because her father was against her becoming an actress since he felt that she should pursue higher education as she had done exceedingly well in academics during her school days. She put herself through college through the scholarships she earned from acting, which finally made her father root for her, yay!


  1. Park Sung Woong was to become a lawyer

Park Sung Woong had always been good at studying and wanted to become a lawyer and even went to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies to study law, but his involvement in plays during his college days ignited his passion for acting and made him feel the urge to change the course of his career. He eventually made the decision to pursue acting and landed his first big screen role in the film ‘No.3’


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