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Cinemas Nationwide | May 25, 2018
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“There are strangers we think we know, because we see their lives all the time. Strangers with whom we feel, so connected,”  – Karter

So Connected is connecting on May 25, 2018 in Philippine cinemas nationwide.

So Connected Movie Synopsis

Karter (Jameson Blake) lost his phone given by his girlfriend however his girlfriend got mad resulting to cool off. Fortunately Karter’s sister installed an app called StoreBox in his phone. An app which could automatically backs up the files in his phone including videos, documents and pictures when someone uses or took a selfie or video.

Karter discovers that Trisha (Janella Salvador) has his phone. Trisha is also broken hearted after her ex-boyfriend left her. Their love story would then start as they know each other and feel “so connected.” As they are both broken hearted, like the same thing and hate the same thing. Are they really a soulmate?


So Connected Movie Details

Director: John Paul Laxamana

Starring: Jameson Blake, Janella Salvador, Paulo Angeles

Genre(s): Romance, Comedy

So Connected Movie Casts

Jameson Blake as Karter

Karter is a teenage boy who grew feelings to a complete stranger girl. He believes that he feels the connection with Trisha. Is the connection he feels is love or just a connection thru storebox?

Jameson Blake has also an upcoming movie Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wi-fi with Sue Ramirez. It is set to premiere some time in 2018. He is an ex-PBB 737 Housemate and now currently in a group Hashtag.

Janella Salvador as Trisha

Trisha is a cheerful waiter works at Boss Lea’s Pancit. She’s got Karter’s phone without her knowing it. How Karter’s phone ended up on Trisha’s hand? Is this the start of the connection between Karter and Trisha?

Janellas Salvador also stars in 2017 My Fairy Tail Love Story with her love team Elmo Magalona. She portrayed a teen mermaid that fell in love with Elmo Magalona’s character. Janella is pick to sing “Moana’s” theme song “How Far I’ll Go” .



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