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The CW | Oct 9 - Dec 9, 2018
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The Flash can be easily seen as one of DC’s and CW’s favorite superheroes. Ever since 2014, the Flash has developed 4 seasons worth of content that keeps its fans going. For certain followers, the Flash has been a series full of ups on one season and then down on another. Some would even say that the series is unwatchable after season 1 and 2, while others disagree. Despite what they all say, we can not get rid of the fact that the series is doing well and is doing something right. If ever any of you have doubts, the CW did do something to prove its success. As revealed by the CW on April 2, 2018, DC’s fastest superhero is confirmed to run once more for an entire new season!


What to expect in Season 5


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So far,  season 5’s plot has a handful of confirmed plot points that can give us at least the gist of the whole concept. To start off, season 5 will use “Family” as one of its main themes. As a result, Nora (Barry’s future daughter) will return. Barry and Iris will deal with their grown future daughter as “parents”. With regards to Iris, it is said that she will be more active in field investigations and writing as opposed to what else she did in the previous season. Wally West will also make an appearance on the season premiere.

In addition, a new villain is set to arrive. For season 5, the main villain is not a speedster.  The main villain goes by the name of “Desmond Paull”. Desmond is a meta-human who was given immortality and the ability to disable meta-human powers. His attributes were the outcomes of mysteriously interacting with Dark Matter. Before his arrival, Desmond despises meta-humans for bringing ruin to his life. Filled with rage, Desmond aims to erase all meta-humans – starting with Central City. For many comic fans, they know that Desmond Paull will be the series’ version of Cicada.

Furthermore, other certain characters will also have their special moments. The season will feature Ralph Dibny’s detective side along with Canadian Actor Tom Cavanaugh’s portrayal of Harrison Wells.

Lastly. season 5 will host a 4-show crossover with DC’s very own Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow. From this crossover, Batwoman will have her first appearance along with the famed Gotham City.

Aside from everything mentioned, the main cast will consist of the same people and will take place right after the events of season 4.

The new season is set to release internationally on October 9, 2018.


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