Troye Sivan returns to the Philippines for the 2nd time and we’re excited!

TBA | May 1, 2019
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My, my, my, people of diverse SOGIE! He’s coming here! Are you ready?

Hit singer-songwriter, Troye Sivan is coming to the Philippines for the first time (well, not really) for his Bloom Tour this May 1, 2019 and die-hard fans cannot contain their feelings right now!

It was announced on social media that the “Youth” singer will be coming in the country.

This isn’t Sivan’s first trip to Manila! If you might recall, he was actually spotted going around SM Makati in August 2017. It was eventually revealed that he was going to be one of the brand ambassadors of SM Youth’s SMYTH line (that makes sense because he sand Youth)


Who’s Troye Sivan? He looks familiar!


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Fans have known and have been following him already even when he was just posting videos on his YouTube channel. Here’s a fun fact: he played the young Wolverine in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine! That’s when we started his acting career!

Troye Sivan Mellet is a South-African-born Australian. He’s a singer, songwriter, actor, and Internet personality. After gaining popularity as singer on YouTube and in Australian talent competitions, Sivan signed with EMI Australia in 2013 and released his debut extended play, TRXYE (2014) which peaked at number five on the U.S Billboard 100.

In music videos, he frequently feature LGBTQ relationships between the characters. TRXYE‘s trilogy followed the narrative of two gay teenagers in a secret relationship while “Wild” featured Sivan with another male love interest and so on. The singer says these portrayals are important to him, especially when he considers his younger life when he remembers “such vivid memories of the few times I saw any type of LGBTQ relationship on TV or in music videos”.

He’s been into several films, alright. Other than his X-Men stint, in July 2009, he auditioned successfully for the lead role in Spud. The film was released in South Africa on December 3, 2010 and he was later nominated for six SAFTAs, including Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film nomination.

He also appeared in the West Australian season of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. In June 2012, he returned to South Africa to film Spud 2: The Madness Continues. And then he also starred in the third franchise of the series, Spud 3: Learning to Fly that was released on November 28, 2014.

But wait, there’s more! He co-starred in the coming-of-age/coming out film, Boy Erased (2018) with Lucas Hedges, Xavier Dolan, and Nicole Kidman.


He’s a Youtuber?

Yes! In September 2012, Sivan began creating vlogs (video blogs) on YouTube, after having only sung on the site since 2007. His YouTube channel is the third most subscribed channel in Australia after HowToBasic and Planet Dolan.

Since he frequently features LGBTQ themed music videos, what is he then?

Troye Sivan is openly gay. He came out publicly via a YouTube video on August 7, 2013. He came out to his family three years before his video was released. He’s in a relationship with model Jacob Bixenman.

Bonus! He has made a cameo in the most popular music video of Ariana Grande! Have you watched the Thank U, Next MV? Not yet? Watch it now!

Ticket prices and venue for his Manila concert are yet to be announced! So stay tuned for more updates!


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