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viu.com | Apr 16 - Jul 31, 2018
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Sit back relax and let the Go Green USA (HK Variety) takes you to different vegetarian restaurant in USA! The two hosts will try varieties of food related to vegetables- vegan delicacies, vegan ramen and even vegan pizza!

This trip to USA will be a fun, yet mouthwatering adventure! So be sure you have food on your side because you might crave for something to munch on!

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Go Green USA (HK Variety) Details

Title: Go Green USA

Episodes: 10

Genre: Variety


Go Green USA (HK Variety) Synopsis

Two of our hosts will spend two weeks in America to sightsee and eat. The only thing they could not do will be eating meats. This will be a tough challenge for these two meat lovers. During this trip, they will visit Michelin Star’s vegetarian restaurant. They are going to try the best vegetarian cuisine in town and learn the beauty of vegetarian dishes and how could it protect the environment.


Episode Guide

Episode 1: Kick Off Before America

Christian and Hailey prepare for a two-week meat free trip. They have their last meat feast and the first taste of vegetarian food before leaving for America. Vegan dinners and David Yeung awaits them in New York.

Episode 2: The Vegan Culture

Christian and Hailey visit a vegan shop that makes amazing doughnuts. The owner insists on the purity of vegan food. They visit an animal sanctuary to see the rescued animals from the agriculture industry. They will wrap up the night at Eataly with a vegetarian Italian cuisine.

Episode 3: Sushi That’s Not Very Fishy

On the third day of their meat free trip, Christian and Hailey visit a sushi restaurant with no seafood. As they discover more vegan delicacies, both of them are starting to realize their change in views on vegetarian food.

Episode 4: Vegan Pizza

Follow Christian and Hailey on their last day in New York, as they try out some vegan pizza and non-dairy alternatives, as well as taking a tram ride to Roosevelt Island.

Episode 5: California Part 1

Hailey and Christian finds interesting goods at the farmers’ market at Santa Monica, before they make their way to UCLA, where Christian meets with John, former NBA star, to learn more about his vegetarian story.

Episode 6: California Part 2

On the seventh day of their meat-free journey, Christian and Hailey finally found a Southeast Asian and vegetarian restaurant, and they are grateful for the rice and the familiar tastes. They also visit an organic supermarket and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Episode 7: California Part 3

Christian and Hailey visits the famous Grand Central Market for vegan ramen, and enjoy some delicious fast food at a vegetarian fast food chain restaurant. Christian finally gets to eat his favorite food, Indian curry.

Episode 8: California Part 4

Christian and Hailey visit a restaurant to learn about raw food, and they are not exactly looking forward to it. Bestselling author, Kathy Preston, shares her views on plant-based food and her cruelty-free lifestyle.

Episode 9: California Part 5

Christian and Hailey’s Los Angeles trip is coming to an end. They make their way to two companies that thrive on making plant-based food and try their products, and receive some surprises.

Episode 10: San Francisco

After leaving Los Angeles, Christian and Hailey make their way to San Francisco. There are a few more stops to visit before their journey ends, including a zen farm and a sushi restaurant.


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