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cinemas | Apr 12 - May 12, 2019
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A life changing spring season is coming for all of us!

The season of growing and renewal will be filled with so much inspiration for Little is set to release this April 12, 2019. With a petite label is a huge engaging lesson awaits you on the screens.  Prepare your hearts and minds to be showered with an encouraging play of the year.

A film always stands to impress us a new world full of teachings that applies in life.  Somewhat, what pictures out the screens is a way of telling us what should be in the real world. What we see in the colors somehow vibrant the idea of what should hue some of our life expectations. Actions of our favorite stars reflect on what could be the next move to our decisions. Film does its magic through us. And, bless our year because a life teaching film will be out.


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Is it really little?

Little is an upcoming drama comedy film this spring. It is a Tina Gordon’s film with her screenplay and Tracy Oliver. This is a converged film that will roll up your thoughts in life. It will shape what you believe is right or wrong in every living plays of your day.

Universal Pictures distributes, so better believe that this will hit. It is the story of a woman near to perfection whose personality is so cold. She treats people in her way leading her to be unaware that she’s hurting them. One person who always goes with the bad attitude is her personal assistant. One morning, the super high-end woman of her time turns into a little girl. Even when she changes by size, her personality still rolls as bad as she wants.

The stars will be, Regina Halls as Jordan Sanders- the cold hearted woman; Marsai Martin as the young Jordan; Issa Rae as April, the assistant; and many more!

Will she able to change the curse by her little actions or will she stay as a little person?


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