What could be the Aftermath?

cinemas | Mar 15 - Apr 15, 2019
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Grip it because another classic film is here

Gear up and hold yourself for another play in action is coming at us. The classical movie, Aftermath will be on theaters this March 15, 2019. It is a periodic film that caters a history that will surely hook a lot of viewers.

Aftermath is set on the post war Germany World War II. To achieve the wholesome of the film, a lot of preparations are needed to attain and produce a hand-clapping spin off. All the details of what has happened during that time must be in great depiction. The team has started filming Aftermath year 2017. Prague, Czech Republic is the place that fits the whole picture.

During that time, Germany drastically suffered to a lot of horrible phenomena. There are more than 6 to 7 million Germans killed. The casualties even hit from 8.26 to 8.86, which saddens the mankind of Germany. What is more depressing is that, Germany also experienced a lot of heavy bombings. The people from that era quite underwent hell.


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What’s about Aftermath?

Aftermath is a film of the director James Kent and writers such as, Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse. It cores the story of sorts of outcomes. Rachel Morgan is out to the ruins of Hamburg to reunite with his husband, Lewis Morgan. Expecting that everything will be in place, Rachel suddenly discovers that they will not be alone at home. The partners will be living with the widowed man, Stefan Lubert and his daughter. Everything follows after Lewis left his wife for his responsibility of service. Hate, betrayal and a lot of changed atmosphere will happen. It may be the post war of Germany during World War II yet it’s the spinoff of what should also not happen that time.

Look forward with the stars of the movie such as, Keira Knightley as Rachel Morgan, Alexander Skarsgård as Stefan Lubert, Jason Clarke as Lewis Morgan, and many more.

Expect the unexpected with a slamming film of the year.


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