Years & Years will be taking over Manila this year!

New Frontier Theater | Feb 25, 2019
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20biteen is here! Are you ready to get sanctified?

Get ready to wave the rainbow flag as the British synth-pop trio, Years & Years, will take over Manila for their Palo Santo Tour as concert promoters MMI Live and Live Nation confirmed that the band will be performing at the New Frontier Theater (formerly Kia Theatre) on February 25, 2019.


Who’s Years & Years?

Known for their hits “King” and “If You’re Over Me,” the British band made waves starting with their debut album alone. Founded in London, United Kingdom, the band consists of Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy, and Emre Türkmen. Their music has been described as electro-pop, mixing R&B, and 1990s house elements.


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The band was formed in 2010, after Goldsworthy moved to London from Australia and met Noel Leeman and then later, Türkmen, online. Alexander joined the band as its lead vocalist, after goldsworthy heard him singing in the shower.


Did you know? The band was originally a five-piece group, with Noel Leeman and Olivier Subria. However, the two left the band in 2013.

Their debut album became the fastest-selling debut album during its release back in 2015. Since then, years & years applied queer narratives not only in their songs, but in the music videos as well. They write gender neutral lyrics and are known advocates of the LGBTQ+ community, especially their frontman, Olly Alexander.

“I’m in a band with two straight guys, and we’re constantly grappling with these different identities, especially because we have a queer mission statement. There’s not much you can do once people start to perceive you in a certain way. I love being seen as queer artist,” he mentions in his interview with Time Out.

Palo Santo is a whole new universe created from the imagination of vocalist Olly Alexander where he can be his ‘freest self’, not tied to a gender or sexuality.


Who’s in charge of what?

Olly Alexander is for the vocals, keyboards, synthesisers, and piano. Mikey Goldsworthy is for the synthesisers, keyboards, and bass guitar. And lastly, Emre Türkmen is in charge os the synthesisers, keyboards, beats, samples, sampling, sequencers, laptop, and guitar.

Peaked your interest? Hurry up! Don’t miss your chance to see them live!

Ticket prices are as follows:

VIP 1 Standing: Php 4,500
VIP 2 Standing: Php 4,200
Loge: Php: 3,500
Balcony A: Php 2,500
Balcony B: Php 1,250

Tickets are on sale now. Available at TicketNet Outlets and online via ticketnet.com.ph or call (02) 911-5555


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